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Family and the Home and Other Messages…
2019-03-03 My Dad, My Dad
2017-10-27 Jesus is a Prince and a Saviour
2017-05-14 To Avoid Harming, be a Prince Charming
2017-05-21 Don’t be Duped by Dope
2017-05-28 Booze will make you lose
2017-06-04 You must forgive to have forgiveness
2017-06-11 Divorce is not an Option
2017-06-18 Wives do you part be a Sweetheart
2017-06-25 Learn from a child to be as a Child
2017-07-02 For God so Loved the World
2017-7-09 A Dozen directives to Develop Children Pt 1
2017-07-16 A Dozen directives to Develop Children Pt 2

2014-06-29 The Lord may Question our Love for Him John 21:15
2013-06-09 The Funeral of the Lord Jesus Christ John 19:38
2013-02-13 God has a controversy Hos 4:1-2
2012-09-02 Abortion is Murder – Exo 21:22-23
1983-09-25 How can it get so Bad (Sodomites in Action)
1982-04-25 Christian Grace in Action
1979-12-16 The Natural Man
1979-09-23 Superior Wisdom of God proved by Death 1 Cor 1:25-29

All recorded messages by Pastor Richard Anderson are now online on this website. Keep in mind that all of these messages are converted from Cassette tape, so the quality may be less than what you would expect.

I trust that these messages will be a blessing to all who listen. You can freely save them to your computer by simply right clicking on the message link and select “save as”.

For your reading pleasure, here is a PDF listing of all the messages preached over the years. It will be updated periodically.

Gospel Message for the Lost
Have You been Regenerated – Titus 3:5

Pastor Richard Anderson thru the years…
Heb 11:4 … he being dead yet speaketh.
Gal 1:10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

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Other Preachers @ CIBC
Dr. E. Robert Jordan
Evangelist Paul Schwanke

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Pastor Marc Monte

Confessions of a Gangster – George Mesnick
Thy Word is Truth John 17:17
1979-03-14 A Lukewarm Condition
1979-02-18 All Satan wants to do is get his foot in the Door
1978-11-26 Who art thou that Judgest
1978-11-19 All Debts must be Paid to the Lord
2011-09-11 Wake Up America
1977-11-06 The Major Reason for Sickness is Sin
1977-07-24 Teens
1977-06-16 Satans plan to render Christians ineffective – Matt 5:13-14
UFOs – What are they?
1994-01-23 God Uses Earthquakes

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