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Pastor Richard Anderson – 1988

1988-01-03 A Good Habit The Word of God
1988-01-03 What we can do for God with help of the Holy Spirit
1988-01-06 How to determine Good Literature
1988-01-10 The Decisions You Make
1988-01-10 The Preaching Example of Jeremiah
1988-01-17 Solomons Kingdom
1988-01-17 What A Christian Ought To Be Like Pt 1
1988-01-24 The Construction Of The Temple
1988-01-24 What A Christian Ought To be Like Pt 2
1988-01-27 Christian Philosophy Of Literature
1988-01-31 The Dedication Of The Temple
1988-01-31 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 3
1988-02-03 Dispensations Pt 1
1988-02-10 Dispensations Pt 2
1988-02-14 The Christian And Politics
1988-02-14 The Makings Of A Great Prayer
1988-02-17 The Christian and Sin
1988-02-21 Heed the Warnings
1988-02-21 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 4
1988-02-24 Partaking of the Lords Supper
1988-03-09 Watch Your Step and Look for the Landmines
1988-03-13 Reject the New Fad
1988-03-16 Colleges
1988-03-20 Church Responsibility in Dealing with Sin
1988-03-20 There is a Disregard for the Bible
1988-03-23 Learn to Enjoy more than Compare
1988-03-27 The Bible on Trial by the Unsaved
1988-03-27 The Charismatic Movement
1988-03-30 How is your Prayer Life
1988-04-03 The Meaning of Christs Resurrection Pt 1
1988-04-03 The Meaning of Christs Resurrection Pt 2
1988-04-06 How do you put the Lord first in your Life
1988-04-10 What is Wrong with Rock Music
1988-04-13 How to Benefit from Reading the Bible
1988-04-17 It Pays to Seek the Lord
1988-04-17 Why Rock Music is Enmity with God Pt 2
1988-04-20 Zionism
1988-04-24 The Steps of Solomons Fall
1988-04-24 What a Christian Ought to be Like – Love Pt 5
1988-04-27 Jesus Earthly Limitations Pt 1
1988-05-01 Gods Settling Up Time
1988-05-01 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 6
1988-05-04 Jesus Earthly Limitations Pt 2
1988-05-08 Sins that do not Satisfy
1988-05-08 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 7
1988-05-11 Questions about the Ark of the Covenant
1988-05-22 Christ Jesus Came to Save Sinners
1988-05-22 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 8
1988-06-19 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 9
1988-06-19 You Can’t Lose Your Salvation
1988-06-26 What a Christian Ought to be Like Pt 10
1988-06-26 You can’t get around what God says
1988-07-03 Shine as Lights in the World
1988-07-03 Take God Seriously
1988-07-10 All Seek their own
1988-07-10 Non Biblical Religion
1988-07-17 Jesus can mold you if you let him
1988-07-17 Jesus is the Light we need today
1988-07-24 Joyful of Spirit
1988-07-24 What is right in the eyes of the Lord
1988-07-31 Walk Worthy of the Lord
1988-07-31 Why our Church is Different
1988-08-14 The Phony
1988-08-14 Without Him
1988-08-24 Become of Full Age
1988-08-28 We Are Bought With A Price
1988-08-28 We Need A Spiritual Bath
1988-09-04 Run with Patience
1988-09-04 Substitute Religion
1988-09-11 The Goal Of Education
1988-09-14 Make Peace A Priorty
1988-09-18 Speaking in Tongues
1988-09-18 The Proper Way To Seek God’s Will
1988-09-21 Child Rearing Pt 1
1988-09-22 Trust and Obey
1988-09-25 Healing and the Charismatic Movement
1988-10-02 Does God Ask Too Much
1988-10-09 Do Your Part The Christian Attitude towards his Leaders
1988-10-09 The Wicked Road
1988-10-12 Child Rearing Pt.2
1988-10-16 How To Be Happy In Jesus
1988-10-16 Our Church And Others 7 Differences Pt.1
1988-10-19 Child Rearing Pt.3
1988-10-26 Child Rearing Pt 4
1988-11-02 Money Trap
1988-11-06 Can You Stand Alone
1988-11-06 Why Our Church is Different
1988-11-09 Child Rearing Pt 5
1988-11-13 Do you think you are a Good Christian
1988-11-13 Elijah Man of Confrontation
1988-11-16 Church College and Your Child
1988-11-20 Gods Involvement in our Lives
1988-11-20 Pollution of Young Minds
1988-11-27 Forget not all His Benefits
1988-11-27 God is More Involved Than we suspect
1988-11-30 Misinterpreting the Pastors Word
1988-12-04 Let Jesus Handle Your Life
1988-12-04 Will You Do
1988-12-11 God is Weighing Your Deeds
1988-12-11 How God Restores His People
1988-12-14 If we are dead with Him we shall Live with Him
1988-12-18 A Brief Salvation Message
1988-12-18 Unquestioning Obedience to Authority
1988-12-21 Dealing with Relatives
1988-12-25 Remember Now Thy Creator
1988-12-25 Prepare to Meet Thy God


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