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Pastor Richard Anderson – 1979

1979-01-14 Filled With all Joy and Peace
1979-01-28 I am Persuaded of You
1979-01-28 Mandates for a Merry Marriage
1979-02-07 A Church that is Dead
1979-02-11 How to be a Soul Winner
1979-02-14 A Little Strength is all we need
1979-02-18 There is something far better than doing a good and noble work
1979-02-18 All Satan wants to do is get his foot in the Door
1979-02-25 Precious Stones (Hawk Golden – Black Panther)
1979-02-25 The Lords Covenant of Peace
1979-02-28 The Lord will Keep us from Tribulation
1979-03-04 Six sins to remember
1979-03-07 There is a need that the Church see the Lord
1979-03-11 A Life time of Blessings or Sorrow Your Choice
1979-03-11 Separation over Scripture
1979-03-14 A Lukewarm Condition
1979-03-18 Him that is of Power to Establish
1979-03-25 In Due Season we shall reap
1979-03-25 The Authority of Paul
1979-04-01 Pride
1979-04-01 Where there is no vision the People Perish
1979-04-04 Sights and Sounds of Heaven
1979-04-08 Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever
1979-04-15 The Devils devouring devices
1979-04-15 The plan of Redemption
1979-04-22 Softness instead of Steadfastness
1979-04-22 Start now it wont be in vain
1979-04-29 The pleasing Disciple
1979-04-29 Using Good Judgment
1979-05-01 Colleges we Should Attend
1979-05-06 Be sure your sin will find you out
1979-05-06 Directives for Dating
1979-05-13 20th Century Idols American Style
1979-05-13 She Shall be Prasied
1979-05-16 How Christ shall be Glorified
1979-05-20 What God Called
1979-05-23 The Importance of the Tribulation
1979-05-27 He gives and he gives and he gives
1979-05-27 To many people do to little to late
1979-06-03 God is Faithful
1979-06-03 Religious Unbelief
1979-06-10 How far will you go with Jesus
1979-06-13 Our Purpose in Life
1979-06-17 Cure for Contentions
1979-06-17 Fathers that talk right
1979-06-24 The Difference between a Biblical Church and a Man Made Church
1979-06-24 The God of the Bible
1979-07-01 Effective Preaching
1979-07-01 That it might go well with thee
1979-07-04 Everyday a Thanksgiving
1979-07-29 From a Mighty Oak to Ashes
1979-07-29 The Christian Life in Order
1979-08-05 Prepare to meet thy God
1979-08-12 God calls us to hard things
1979-08-12 The Christian Life in Order pt 2
1979-08-19 The Preaching of the Cross
1979-08-19 Ye Shall not tempt the Lord
1979-08-26 Gods dealings with the wisdom of man
1979-08-26 Thou shalt be blessed above all
1979-09-02 The Jews require a sign
1979-09-02 The Way God deals with his children
1979-09-16 We Preach Christ Crucified
1979-09-16 What does the Lord Require of thee
1979-09-23 I set before you a Blessing or a Curse
1979-09-23 Superior Wisdom of God Proved by Death
1979-09-30 No Flesh should Glory
1979-09-30 Two Fold test of Love
1979-10-07 Pauls Pattern of Preaching
1979-10-07 Total Separation for Joy and Victory
1979-10-14 Given the Freedom Man will Gladly Blaspheme
1979-10-14 Two Wisdoms
1979-10-21 Be Generous
1979-10-21 The unfolding of a Blessed Mystery
1979-10-28 How to be right with God
1979-12-16 The Natural Man
1979-12-16 Ye Are Christs
1979-12-23 How to Celebrate Christmas
1979-12-23 Humilty before Glory
1979-12-30 That I might Know Him
1979 Ordination of Preachers


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