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Preaching by Dr. E. Robert Jordan “Chief” 1925-2009

These are a series of messages preached by Dr. E. Robert Jordan “Chief” for the opening services of the new church building of CIBC-Tilton, NH on April 8-11, 1979
Pastor Richard Anderson, Pastor 1971-2007
Pastor Chet Kulus 2007-current

Original Invitation

1979-04-08 The Purpose of the Church – Jordan
1979-04-09 Satans Attack on the Home – Jordan
1979-04-10 Hells no Joke – Jordan
1979-04-11 Was America Ever a Christian Nation – Jordan

Later messages
1983-03-20 The Consequences of Sin in the Believers Life – Jordan
1983-03-21 What does it take to Stop you – Jordan
1983-03-22 What does it take to start you – Jordan
1983-03-23 Examine Yourself -Jordan

Dr. E. Robert Jordan Testimony
Dr. E. Robert Jordan Memorial


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