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Pastor Richard Anderson – 1980

1980-01-06 Seek ye first the KOG and his Righteousness
1980-01-06 The unbroken chain
1980-01-13 Your relationship to others
1980-01-13 Issues and answers Bible Versions
1980-01-20 Issues and Answers Separation
1980-01-20 Joy in Marriage (Men are Dogs)
1980-01-27 Joy in Marriage (Wives be a Sweet Savour)
1980-02-01 Principles to Solve money
1980-02-03 How to have victory in less than ideal situations
1980-02-03 Tongues Is it Carnal pt 1
1980-02-10 Tongues Is it Carnal pt 2
1980-02-17 Inlaw Problems and Interfamily Relationships
1980-02-17 Tongues Is it Carnal pt 3
1980-02-24 All the wrong Excuses
1980-02-24 Your Decision on Destiny Defiance or Damnation
1980-03-02 Your decision on destiny Dumbness and Drugery
1980-03-08 The Joyous home
1980-03-08 Under the Influence
1980-03-16 The character of an Envious man
1980-03-16 Your children can be a delight
1980-03-23 2 Great Instigators-The Inward Instigator
1980-03-23 Our children should have a Christian school training
1980-03-30 The 4 Great Deceivers
1980-03-30 The Malfunctioning Mouth
1980-04-06 7 Lasting facts of Life
1980-04-06 7 Triumphs of Christ
1980-04-13 What it means to work together with God
1980-04-13 You can fashion your child into Somebody
1980-04-20 The folly of Favoritism
1980-04-20 The Judgment Seat of Christ
1980-04-27 Be ye steadfast
1980-04-27 The Judgment Seat of Christ pt 2
1980-05-04 Fools Gold
1980-05-11 Defiling the Temple of God
1980-05-11 You can Prosper in Bad Times
1980-05-18 Let no man Deceive Himself
1980-05-25 The correct attitude towards Pastors and Evangelists
1980-05-25 The saved and the Sanctified
1980-06-01 Keep your mouth and Heart about Judgment Seat Matters
1980-06-08 Spiritually Pride
1980-06-08 The Song of the Saved
1980-06-15 The Shroud of Turin
1980-06-22 What the earth will be like before Christ Comes
1980-06-29 Paul an Offscouring
1980-07-13 Mystery Babylon The Great – What will it Be
1980-07-13 We are Called to Follow
1980-07-20 The Picture of Salvation or Desperation
1980-07-20 What Ever you leave for the Lord you will receive 100 Fold
1980-07-27 Amalgamated Pleasure
1980-07-27 Will you be ready when Jesus Comes
1980-08-17 A Christians Response to his Country
1980-08-17 The Kingdom of God is not in word but in Power
1980-08-24 Specific Sins and how they are handled
1980-08-24 What will the last 7 years of religion be like
1980-08-31 The Benefit of Church Discipline
1980-08-31 The Destruction of Babylon
1980-09-05 You should know why you have you child in the Christian School
1980-09-07 Groups not to Company with
1980-09-07 The 2 Great Suppers
1980-09-14 The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ
1980-09-14 What the Lords will is Concerning Disobedient Christians
1980-09-17 A Study of Dispensations Pt 1
1980-09-21 A Railer is Cancer to ther Local Church
1980-09-21 What is after Armageddon
1980-09-24 A Study of Dispensations Pt 2
1980-09-28 The Golden Age
1980-09-28 What to do when your Brother Steals the Shirt off your back
1980-10-05 Dont be fooled Sinners are not saved
1980-10-05 The Great White Throne
1980-10-08 The 3rd Dispensation
1980-10-12 Questionable Things
1980-10-12 The Wonder of the Eternal State
1980-10-15 The 4th Dispensation
1980-10-19 Understanding your sexual body in the Word of God
1980-10-19 What Heaven will be like for all Eternity
1980-10-26 5 Words to remember for Romantic Joy
1980-10-26 Blessings we can Count on
1980-10-29 The 5th Dispensation
1980-11-02 Acceptable Reasons to Stay Unmarried
1980-11-02 These things are faithful and true
1980-11-05 The 6th Dispensation
1980-11-09 History of Religion
1980-11-09 Special Instructions to the newly saved Spouse
1980-11-12 The 7th Dispensation
1980-11-16 Special Instructions to the newly saved Spouse pt 2
1980-11-16 The condition you will remain in for Eternity
1980-11-30 Our God is Jesus
1980-11-30 Salvation is not a Social Revolution
1980-12-07 Great Invitations of the Bible
1980-12-07 The Fathers responsibility to His Daughter
1980-12-14 2 Great and Easy Failures
1980-12-14 Learn to have the Joy of Seeing God take care of you
1980-12-21 Great things God has done and still does
1980-12-21 Who does God hear and answer
1980-12-28 The Proper attitude toward rock music
1980-12-28 Those that ignore the solemn warning of Revelation


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